Friday, July 29, 2011

Sorting #2 - Taking Chances

It's a joy to have a horse that, although isn't pleased with being taken off the pasture from his best buddy, loads up in the trailer and upon arrival at the destination, unloads quietly. 

It's so nice to have a horse that although curious about his surroundings, stands quietly at the trailer while he's saddled up.

It's refreshing to have a horse that requires minimal introduction or ground work at a new destination and waits quietly while you climb on.

The above is what I believe hauling Bob to various functions every week has brought me.  The repetition has bought me very little drama when we go places.

Instead of "horsepooling" with my Cowgirl Pals yesterday, I decided to haul Bob to the local sorting event by myself.  I was curious to see how Bob and I would do all alone, without other horses in our trailer and friends with us.  Would our recent bond be strong enough to take us through being on our own?  This would be a good test of its strength.

I arrived at the ranch and parked back behind from my Pals, who had "horsepooled" together.  There they were, helping each other, handing tack out, etc.  Their horses were tied next to each other at the trailers.

There were Bob and I, alone by ourselves, doing the same.  Lots of activity around us, trucks and trailers arriving, horses being unloaded, people warming their horses up.  Bob was curious and a little jumpy but heck I was the same.

To seal the deal of this day, I ran through some ground work before getting on.  It settled Bob right down.  I took my chance.  No hand walking him around the grounds to "introduce" him to all the sights and sounds.  It was time to Cowgirl Up. 

My plan?  Unless I felt my life was at risk, I would "ride Bob through it" if needed.  On this beautiful day my confidence was high as the puffy white clouds in the sky.  I was up to the task.

With my trusty red mounting block beside Bob and my friend Haley available to put the block back in my trailer, I hopped on.  I found the horse that in the last six weeks I've come to know - my friend Bob.  We walked around and then stood quietly under a huge shaded tree in a nice breeze while we waited for the sorting to begin.  Did I mention how nice it is to have a horse that stands quietly?

I'd hung my camera on my saddle and grabbed a few pictures while we waited for our next run.

As I experienced before, as soon as Bob saw the cows he became very focused on them.

My Cowgirl Pal, Barb, waiting for her next run.  It was nice to be able to drop my stirrups and chat with pals while waiting for our next run.

My taking chances on Bob's and my bond paid off in spades.  This event, located on my own turf was a lot of fun with lots of laughter and great humor.  Many of the participants are neighbors of ours and good neighbor feelings abounded. 

As Bob and I headed home I had a huge grin on my face.  I took the chance to find that our bond is as strong as I hoped it would be.  As I drove down the road, alone in my truck with Bob behind me, I'm sure one standing on the side of the road could hear me as I Yee-Hawed my heart out.


  1. This is so great to watch, you and Bob becoming one :)

  2. Very neat - that's where I'd like to be with my horses someday.

  3. Fantastic post and photos !
    Bob and you seem made for eachother. ? Is he a Gelding, the reason I ask is cause from my experiance when I was younger with horses I found Geldings to be placid , very calming ! Have a great day !

  4. What a ton of fun, happy for you & Bob!!

  5. Awesome! I'm so happy for you. :) Bob sounds so perfect for you. You guys make a great team and that was proven at the sorting. Keep up the great work.

  6. Nothing like a wonderful day with a wonderful horse.

  7. I haven't had a mellow traveling horse in quite a few years- my gelding is handsome, but a little small-brained. Inevitably, if tied to a trailer he pulls back. One day I'll be back to a calm and reliable mount!

    Looks like a beautiful day out riding, happy for you! :)