Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ladies Night #2: Time

I told myself this day would be spent taking plenty of time when I was with Bob.  I would manage and take my time with every part of this day.  No hurrying on the day of Ladies Night #2.

I took time loading my tack and Bob before heading down the road, on our way to the barn where I used to board. 

Arriving at the barn, I took time to seek out my friend/trainer (Frainer) Rachel to get my stall number, reserved for this day.  Bob will spend some time in the stall between my lesson and Ladies Night #2.

Back at the trailer I took time unloading Bob before I tied him to the trailer and gave him a good grooming before saddling up.

I led Bob to the indoor arena and taking time, walked around the arena, stopping at the corners and entry gates so Bob could smell and have a good look around.

Moving to ground work, I took time focusing on backing, yielding and tossing the long lead rope all around, under and over Bob.

Soon my wide eyed Sorrel Quarter Horse had softened his eyes and was licking and chewing.  I soon started hearing the big blubbering sighs that come from Bob when he's relaxed and happy.  I love this about him.

Our lesson went great; I was pleased with how Bob responded.  I will take lessons prior to the next three Ladies Nights to help Bob and I move forward on becoming the team I want us to be.

Finishing up I took time to lead Bob to the huge outdoor arena where Ladies Night #2 would be hosted later in the day. 

The arena was full of all kinds of jumps.  I don't think Bob had ever been around jumps before.  I spent time walking him around, allowing him to become familiar with their various shapes and sizes.  It was very quiet and peaceful, just Bob and I, out there together, taking our time.

With a few hours to spare before Ladies Night #2, I took Bob back to the trailer to untack him before putting him into the cool stall so we could both take a break.

I was up on Bob in the outdoor arena a good 15 minutes before Ladies Night started, using time as my friend vs my foe. 

Rachel had set up stations in the arena for us to work on.  Circles, side passes, leg yields, walking/trotting over poles, turns on the haunch, you name it.  Whatever station Bob and I attempted, he tried his best.  I could periodically hear those blubbering sighs coming out of him.  They put a grin on my face, making me giggle and reach down to rub his neck.

Over 2 1/2 hours later, as the sun was beginning to set over the Olympic Mountain Range on our left, glowing gold and pink against the Cascade Mountain Range and Mount Rainier on our right, we ended Ladies Night #2.

It had been a long day for Bob and I as we walked back to the trailer to untack and load up.  I took the time to give him another good grooming before loading him up. 

We arrived back home as the horizon was turning dark red.  What a great day spent with Bob, on an equally gorgeous day. 

I'm glad I took the time to enjoy it all.


  1. That is great! Another skill mastered for Bob.


  2. Sounds like a perfect day for you and Bob ! He sounds like very placid guy the type of horse I like ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. Sometimes I find, "taking your time" has so much meaning......Yay for a good day!

  4. Sounds wonderful. I like your idea of taking a lesson before each Ladies Night. Ladies Night is such a good idea. And you are fortunate to have a good Frainer.

  5. What a great reminder to take the time to enjoy the day. :) Thank you.