Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ladies Night 2011. #1: The Beginning

Note:  I've retitled this Post.  It was originally Posted as "Monday Nights", but I've changed the name to be Ladies Night #1.  It depicts the first Ladies Night for Bob and I.  When Ladies Nights are over for 2011, (which is now soon) it will be interesting go through these Posts to see how they influenced Bob and I.

Ladies Night 2011 - #1:  This is our third year together.  Starting with last Monday, we'll meet for the next (now 7) weeks, doing all sorts of cool and different things with our horses.  Plans are for some cattle rides, trail rides, brush ups on our Eq, stuff like that.

When I returned from sorting last week I was so thrilled with Bob, my new horse.  I had such a great time sorting with him.  He was everything I'd hoped to have in my new horse and I couldn't wait to go sorting with him again.

But for some reason, hauling Bob up to Ladies Night last Monday evening left me with that familiar feeling of uncertainty along with a dash of dread.  I kept asking myself how could I have ridden Bob in an active setting of cows and many riders on Saturday and have this feeling of concern.

I told myself I was over reacting.  Heck, I'm hauling him five miles to a contained environment at the barn I used to board at.  We are in the indoor arena, just the ten of us, in a quiet and controlled world.  No buzzers, cows bawling, horses near us freaking out, riders making interesting noises as they sort cows. Why was I so worried?

Couldn't answer my own questions.

But my concerns were founded.

Didn't go so well.

I got there early to walk Bob around but the poor guy was a wreck.  The back of the horses stalls line the arena walls.  The aisle ways are cement.  Poor Bob could hear the horses on the other side of the walls as they pushed around their hay or as a horse was led down the aisle.  With eyes so large I thought they'd pop out of his head, Bob tried but couldn't contain his fears.

I guess Bob hadn't been exposed to this type of environment before.  (Duh.)

Gotta get through this so I've decided the best way is for Bob and I to meet it head on.  I'm hauling Bob up early in the day and taking a lesson on him tomorrow.  I've reserved a stall for the day so he can "chill" a little plus I plan to put some miles on my boots walking him around in-between that, all prior to tomorrow's Ladies Night.  Figure if I do this for the next 7 weeks that we'll come out the other side and be better for it.

In the meantime, I'm heading out sorting again this Thursday with my Cowgirl Pals.  And that...I cannot wait for.


  1. Awesome game plan! Way to go being proactive. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he settles in nicely and that you have lots of fun.

  2. I find indoor arenas to be kind of freaky. Sounds like Bob is more of an outdoor kinda guy, but he'll get used to it. Your plans for helping him adjust to the new environment sound really well thought out. Good luck. And your Monday Ladies nights sound like great fun.