Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2011 - A Day to Give Thanks

Here it is again, Thanksgiving.  In the past two weeks I've noticed some homes and stores already have holiday lights up.  I hear holiday music playing as I shop.  Seems like many have passed Thanksgiving right by for the holidays.

Thanksgiving seems to have become the door to opening the holidays instead of a day to give thanks.  I know times are tough but surely there is one little tiny thing that all of us can find to be grateful for on Thanksgiving.  With that being said, here are my 2011 top ten reasons to Give Thanks on this special day - starting with Number 10:

Number 10.  From late spring until (this year) August, I faithfully watered them every evening.  It took me almost an hour to water them all.  My husband had suggested getting a soaker hose to use instead of hand watering.  But I found hand watering them to be such a soothing task - standing there with the hose, daydreaming about whatever came to mind, watching the horses grazing, looking out at the mountains.  I'm thankful for the beauty they provided, waving in the wind against the fence:
My Daisies
Number 9.  The Cabin.  After a 15 month absence, I'd forgotten how much I missed it.  I went up there in October to meet a friend and ended up spending a couple of days by myself.  I got back in touch with this home away from home and also got to validate myself, who I am and what I am.  I'm thankful to know it's there, waiting for me when I return:
The Cabin on a prior Thanksgiving
Number 8.  The Perfect Camping Spot makes the list again for the third year.  So peaceful and beautiful, always waiting to greet us each year.  We found this spot by accident.  I'm thankful for the discovery:
The Perfect Camping Spot
Number 7.  My Cowgirl Pals.  So much fun to hang around with!  They offered me their friendship and invited me to join them on their adventures this last year.  They opened up a new world of riding to me that I'd always wanted to try.  I'm thankful to have such great Cowgirl Pals!
Lisa and Quincy

Bob and Me; Georgia and her horse Paisley; Kyle and her horse Elbe

Bob and I, Rachel in front of us, Nancy in the background
Number 6.  Ladies Night.  Seven weeks of fun, with a new theme of riding each week.  I'd only had Bob a few weeks when Ladies Nights started.  Ladies Night provided a great avenue to get to know Bob better.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to attend and ride with such talented Ladies:
Ladies Night
Number 5.  Around our house we have a word for our animals that are the best of the best.  We call it Noble.  Poco holds the honor of this title.  He is the most incredibly sweet, dependable horse I've ever encountered.  I'm thankful to have Poco, one of the Noble:
Poco one of the Noble
Number 4.  My friend and trainer (frainer), Rachel Koehler, also one of my Cowgirl Pals.  As a trainer Rach has that knack of telling you what you need to hear in a way that makes you happy you heard it.  I've taken lessons from her for years and our relationship has blossomed from that of trainer to friend.  I'm thankful to Rachel for helping me become the rider I always wanted to be and helping me set my sights on where I want to go in the future:
Rachel test riding Bob
Number 3.  He opened doors for me this summer and allowed me to go places and do things I'd only dreamed of.  I could go on and on about him but if you read my Posts, you already know how much I love this guy and how thankful I am to call him mine:
Number 2.  Returned twice, we were his third rescue family.  He could have been afraid of us, he could have been defensive and wary, yet he trusted us.  They don't come much sweeter than this guy.  We lost him in September.  We are thankful have had him in our family.  He is missed.
Number One:  He never hesitates to encourage me when it comes to horses.  Always willing to pitch in and help be it hauling for me when I'm intimated by driving the dually on congested freeways, harrowing fields, stacking bales of hay, you name it and he's there to lend a hand when it comes to the labor and care of our horses.  I'm thankful for his love and support.  I love this guy with all of my heart:
My Husband

Wishing You and Yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. What lovely things to be thankful for ! Have a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving !

  2. Beautiful! You do have a lot to be thankful for this year. I'm so very happy for you!


  3. What a great list of things to be thankful for. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!!