Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting up the Holidays

With Thanksgiving behind us it's time to get ready for the holidays.  Our daughter, home from college, loves the holidays.  Her enthusiasm always gets us motivated to pull the boxes of decorations out of the attic and start the process of decorating both inside and out.

Yesterday was a good day to decorate outside.  We had temps in the upper 50's and that yellow stuff that gleams out of the sky...I think it's called sunshine.  :)  Daughter and Dad had headed out to decorate in one direction.  I headed in the other direction, wanting to get the horses out of their pastures and give them a good clean-up before the rains return.

I got Poco out first and took him for a walk down our road to see how my other two family members were doing.  I found them halfway down the road, hanging lights on the fence of the summer pasture now vacant for the rest of the year.

Father and Daughter.  It was a good feeling to watch them working together as a team while the neighbor dog (who has claimed us as her family) stood by.

I returned to the barn, and brought Gus and Bob out to join Poco.  With the short days, heavy rain and winds we've recently had, I haven't had much opportunity to get my hands on the horses. 

Bob in particular was goosy when I first got him out.  Bob is a sensitive horse and after a full summer and fall, I think he's been missing my interaction with him.  I spent extra time doing ground work, brushing and talking to him on this warm, sunny day.  It made a huge difference and I could sense we were reconnected when I finished.

I would have loved to ride on a day like this but I'm sitting my rides out until Bob and Poco have their teeth done this week.  Both are in need of dentals.

My husband, now finished with decorating, joined me to brush out Gus and kindly clean all twelve feet.  By the time we had returned everybody to their pastures and fed it was after 4PM and getting dark.  We both hated to leave the barn so we lingered there for another hour, finally closing the barn door to brushed out horses happily munching on their dinners.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Those warm, sunny days in the winter are such a blessing to have to renew our spirits.