Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Something to Not Ignore

Last spring I wrote a Post about a lump I'd discovered in my breast.  I wrote how I had ignored it, thinking it was related to trauma in the area where I'd been kicked by a horse a few years ago.

Months passed and it started to haunt me.  I'd wake up in the middle of the night and ask myself, "What if..."  I'd lay there tossing and turning, telling myself that tomorrow I'd make an appointment to get it checked out.  But the next day I wouldn't do anything about it.

When I started to find happy moments and beautiful sights sobering I knew I'd had enough of letting something unknown run my life.  I made the call to get it checked out.  It had resulted in a mammogram, which resulted in an ultrasound, which had resulted in a biopsy. 

I was terrified.

When I got the call regarding the results I remember sitting up straight and holding my breath as if I was about to endure some terrible pain.  I was sure I was doomed when I got good news.  I was OK but would be on a six month watch schedule.

Six months recently came around and this time I was promptly in for my check up.  I walked out with the good news that I was off the six month watch schedule and back on my yearly schedule.  I also walked out with the very humbling feeling that I'd lucked out.

So when I discovered a new lump only three days later I found myself mildly irritated that I hadn't caught it before my appointment. 

My health insurance requires I must first be seen by my primary doctor for a referral in order to get an appointment at the specialty clinic.  I'd just left!  Couldn't I skip the preliminaries?

No luck.

So off to the doctor's office I went to sit amongst those coughing and sneezing for my valuable referral. 

Yesterday I returned to the specialty clinic in the big city where we are all getting to know each other on a first name basis.  They told me that I'm referred to as the "Women who got kicked in the chest by a horse."  I guess in the big city they don't see many of us.

I was relieved to find the new lump was nothing to worry about.  Once again I walked away humbled at the good news.

....Something to not ignore.


  1. "They" say ignorance is bliss.

    I say knowledge is power.

    It's good to know.


  2. Oh as I read this I got scared for you near the end . I am so glad it all turned out good for you. Yes our health should never be ignored no matter how small the health problem may be to us . Have a wonderful evening.

  3. A lump anywhere on the body should not be ignored. It was brave of you to face it and I am so pleased that your results were nothing to worry about.

  4. I'm glad the new lump is not a problem and that you are back on a yearly schedule. :) I'm glad you didn't continue to put it off though, because it's not worth torturing yourself just trying to avoid bad news. I do the same thing, so I understand why you did it. :)