Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Pastures

I've held our horses on the summer pasture as long as I possibly could because I still hadn't decided if I would winter them together or split them up (something I really didn't want to do).

There is always one ring leader in the herd and in my case it's Bob, our newest horse.

Bob provided me with a lot of fun this summer and I love him to death.  But he is the Boss Hoss.  He hogs the loafing shed and only allows the other two horses in when he's had his fill of food and heads out onto the pasture.

Out in the pasture everybody gets along but with winter approaching it was important to me that all three horses had a dry place to eat and get out of the weather.

Winter came in quickly this year.  I came out to find a dry Bob and a soaking wet Poco and Gus, both standing outside in the mud and rain.  They looked and seemed miserable.  My decision about who was going where this winter was made when I found bite marks on both Gus and Poco's haunches.

I've placed Bob by himself.  He has his own pasture and loafing shed.

I wasn't sure how he'd react to my decision to place him alone but as you can see Bob doesn't seem very concerned.  It helps that he can see the other horses.

As I heard the wind roaring outside last night it was a good feeling to know everybody had a dry, safe place they could go to.


  1. I agree with your decision. I would have done the same. And yeah- it IS a really good feeling to know that all of the critters in our lives are happy and warm, when the wind howls! Great post - loved the pics!

  2. Sounds like you made the right decision. Bob will be just fine. Some horses seem to do better on their own, within sight of other horses, but with their own space. My mare Apache is like that, too. She's kind of a loner and doesn't seem to need other horses sharing her space. Thankfully she doesn't attack them. She just ignores them instead.

    Now you can move into winter feeling peace knowing your horses will all be comfortable.


  3. Bob is a stinker! I'm glad you were able to separate him with no problems and everyone will be cozy for winter.

  4. Sounds like Bob had a plan! Hope it all works well with them this winter. I had a herd integration today and keeping my fingers crossed as well.

  5. Sometimes that's what is necessary. If he won't share then being separated is probably for the best. Some horses just don't seem bothered by being alone. My mare growing up didn't mind. She was alone for two years while we looked for another and she was totally fine with it. :) I'm glad you have a solution that works for all.

  6. It is always hard when you have a HERD BOSS! I am very thankful that Libby and Poncho get along, and he is the first pasture mate, that allows company in the shed! I catch both of them in there often...ummmm.....LOL I am glad that you have worked it out to keep every comfy for the winter.