Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Message to the Trees

Dear Trees,

You've escorted us when we've left home.

And you've welcomed us back.

The chriping of birds who perch on your limbs have woke us up on summer mornings.

Your shade has kept us cool on summer evenings.

You've stood by us through all of the seasons.

Last winter's ice storm was cruel.

It robbed you of your beauty and dignity.

You were changed.

They came to tell us that you would be leaving.

They say you are damaged.

They call you ugly.

They no longer see your beauty as we do.

Yesterday evening I went out after dinner to see you for the last time.

To have one last moment with you.

To listen one last time to your leaves as they rustled in the wind.

And to say goodbye.

You will be missed...


  1. wow, what a great tribute over the years. they're poplars, right? we had to have a bunch removed and dragged through our pasture because they were considered unsafe. we now have a property studded with huge stumps that make dangerous obstacles on the steep parts of our land. i wasn't there before they were all removed, (only some) and i can only imagine how gorgeous and private our land was with them. it's a poplar graveyard now. we have baby trees coming up but it will be 50 years before they do anything about transforming the graveyard look. *sigh*

  2. why did they have to go? time heals all wounds, right?

  3. I've re-read the post a couple time now. So sad. I think even the "ugly" trees look better than stumps.

    Maybe with some flower pots...


  4. What a shame to cut those trees. Who are "they" that said the trees needed to come down? Were they on your property or along roadside? Nice tribute to them tho.

  5. Awe! Made me cry! I love trees. I hope they will replant....

  6. Thats a shame . Trees help keep our air cleaner ! Yes who are they that said they had to come down ! Lovely photos and post for them though .It saddened me though . I do love trees !

  7. That is just sad. I wonder what was so wrong with them.