Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Sweet Home

After being boarded at the barn for six days on stall rest as a result of having knees injections, I brought Bob home today.

It was a real treat to board Bob at the barn.  The accommodations at Back Forte, where I've ridden or boarded for so many years are wonderful.  Above is a picture of Champ, who we boarded at the barn for many years.  He's the one who motivated me learn to ride 'correctly' and start my 50+ Blog years ago. 

But as much as I enjoyed having Bob at the barn and hanging with my old pals, I soon realized that I missed having my horse with me at home.  I found I didn't like having to drive up to the barn each day vs wanting to haul up or drop by to visit.  This is quite a revelation because I had always planned on boarding in the future.  Now I'm thinking differently.

As for Bob, he was fed up with stall life and becoming a real pain.  When I got him home he was out of sorts, calling out to the friends he left behind.

Yet, as I knew would happen, he settled down after a few hours and as I write this he's dozing in the sun.  Bob will wear bell boots to prevent overstepping and pulling off his front shoes/pads until I'm advised otherwise. 

The paddock will be his home for the next four days. 

After that Bob's free to return to the pastures where he can stand on his hill watching the buffalo and cattle below.

Home Sweet Home.  It's good to have my horse home!


  1. It sure is a lonely feeling when your best friend is missing from the pasture! Glad you have Bob home!