Sunday, January 13, 2013

Good to Go!

Last week was Prince's second shoeing since I brought him home nine weeks ago.

We had record rains in December and Prince has been looking pretty wet and muddy as he recovered and just got to 'be a horse'.

While I waited I decided to give him a good grooming session.  He's filled out nicely - no more bones sticking out!

All of his open wounds have totally healed.  Even his feet are now in great shape.

The shoer, who had first seen Prince only a few days after I brought him home couldn't believe Prince was the same horse and suggested I now start working with him to develop muscle tone (instead of flab).

Prince must have known what that meant because as I released him after he got his new shoes he took off bucking like a young colt!

Prince is good to go!


  1. He's beautiful! Bless you for saving him--he's one lucky horse to have you.

  2. He is beautiful and thank you for saving him. I don't know his story, but from what I read from your post he must have been in pretty bad shape. I love horse stories, well, I love horses in general. We happen to have two. I hope you don't mind if I follow you!

  3. So glad to see things changing for the better for you. Prince is beautiful. Reminds me of my golden boy. I am so happy about him and Bob for you. I have restarted my blog. Please check it out. There is an explanation for my disappearance.