Monday, January 21, 2013

In a Fog

For ten days we have had low temperatures and damp, freezing fog.

The temperatures at night have dropped into the teens and it barely reaches freezing during the day.  Our driveway has been one long sheet of ice making my morning walk with Hank impossible. 

Our rural road is rarely treated for ice (or snow).  J and C must navigate their way on ice to the local highway before reaching treated roads, not fun.

The wind chime remains quiet waiting for a fresh breeze to arrive and scour out the fog.

Outside there is a silence similar to when it snows.  Even the birds are quiet (probably frozen to a tree).

The freezing fog sticks to everything.  Its moisture sneaks into the corners of my winter clothes as I do the evening feed.  When I finish and return to the house I find it sticking to the outside of my clothes.

So although it's pretty to look at, I'm ready for this weather to make its exit.  Rain and wind never sounded so good!


  1. Lovely photos ! I cant take the cold damp makes me ache . It has been dry air bitterly cold windy and some sunshine ! Hope you get some sunshine soon ! Have a good day !

  2. Something about the sun warms the soul! Hope you get some soon!!!