Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lots of Work but So Much Fun!

Going to the cabin:

Best to start early, it's going to be a long day.

The roads can be a challenge.

Upon arrival you have to determine where your cabin is.

How do you get into your cabin?  You dig and dig and dig until you break through and find your front porch.  Once you've enlarged your hole and can see down into the porch, you sit down, grab the roof (inches above your head) and slide down into the front porch (kind of fun).

You will need to dig out 'escape' windows as well as your chimney and power mast  However, it's best to first dig some steps to get back up out of the front porch (sliding down once or twice is fun but getting back out isn't).

Your first day at the cabin revolves around a shovel and snow.  However, once you've finished with the shovel, hauled your stuff in, have the cabin warming up and have changed out of your sweaty clothes and into some dry ones, it's time to play.

Lots of work but so much fun!

Sleep well!

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