Monday, October 12, 2015

Exciting Times of a New Chapter and a New Page!

I haven't posted something for a long time.  There have been changes taking place and I wanted things to settle down before I wrote about them.

There are some exciting changes for us.

After finishing college, starting her career and getting her own place, C has returned to horses.  This is really exciting for J and I.  We have lots of fond memories as a family unit hauling C and her horse to schooling shows, 4H shows and breed shows.

Memories like this one.  Here we are getting ready to haul C's first horse, Charlie, to their weekly lesson.  Which we did for years...every...single...Wednesday...evening...winter, fall, spring and summer.

When C moved on in her life I inherited her horse Champ.  She had shown him in 4H and on the Paint circuit.  He had lots of buttons and was an aggressive, big stinker.

I started 50+Horses about all of my experiences with Champ.  It's all here - years ago and always fun to look back on.

Which brings up a New Chapter.

For years I boarded at the B40 and took lessons from my Frainer (friend and trainer).  I met many great people there and those friendships still continue.

The B40 has done well and is now a top hunter/jumper barn.

My Frainer has also done well, moving to her own barn and specializing in roping and cattle.

I wish them both the very best and will always hold fond memories of my time with them close to my heart.

But it's a new day and a New Page with C riding by my side and J supporting us on the rail.

C and I are setting both of our stars on the fun of performance shows and ironically have chosen the Double Star Ranch (C and Me/Double Stars!) as our new barn where we have started training with an old friend who has lots of show miles under her belt.

These days there is only one horse in the 50+ family.  C and I are currently sharing Elvis, who is proving to be a Rock Star (no wonder his registered name is Rock On Hunter), as we start this New Chapter and Page in our lives with horses.

Stay tuned on posts about our training adventures and future first show as well as our search for another special horse to join our family team!


  1. Wow, dream come true to be able to share your love of riding with your daughter again. Looking forward to reading about it in this "new" chapter.

  2. This is like a dream of mine, but you & your daughter get to live it for REAL. Oh gosh, so happy for you!
    Can't wait to hear what come next.