Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Long Time Gone

I've been a Long Time Gone.  When I last left my blog our daughter C, had returned to riding with both of us sharing Elvis.  We had moved Elvis down the road to a friend's place where we had the luxury of riding in her (spacious/private) covered arena.

Unfortuntely, our time of riding together didn't last long.  C's time is compromised with working and having a Significant Other.  Add the long commute to get out here/back to her home and she found herself with little time for anything else.

She returned to riding, rode like a dream, we had a lot of fun and then it was over.  But that's ok.  I'm left with the joy we had of sharing this special horse - and I know she feels the same. Add that I never expected us to return to a life we used to share.  So even if it was brief, I'm content to have been able to go back.

Elvis stayed away for the summer and early fall at the neighbor's place and in October I brought him back home.  Once home J and I spoiled "Our Boy" with deep shavings and a spacious foaling stall which opens to a paddock and the back winter pasture.  I know he's not a dog but he's about a dog as a horse can get!

Although Elvis has become friends with the neighbor's Alpacas, it has bothered me that he didn't have an equine buddy here to hang out with since we lost Bob a few years ago.

I started kicking that around - not in any hurry to find a pal, but keeping my ears open.  A few months passed and an opportunity came to us to "adopt" a horse from a women who was looking to find it a good home.

I invited the women over and showed her our place, had her meet Elvis and then accompanied her to meet her horse, finding it ironic that he should look like Bob.

It was a hard decision for her to let him go - something I understand and respect.  But a week later Elvis had a new buddy.

Riley is a domesticated Mustang from Eastern Oregon.  And just as Bob was, he's a sensitive horse who needs a different approach than Elvis.

The horses hit it off immediately.  Riley knows how to be a horse, whereas Elvis is missing some of that.  We're thrilled to have Riley join us and enjoy watching the horses interact.

It's been a rough winter that has lasted longer than normal.  As spring shows her pretty face I'm looking forward to working with both horses and finding time to return to this blog and share my stories.


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