Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bob's (Temporary) Little World

I've noticed the pastures are getting so green one would think we live in Ireland instead of Washington.  And even though we've woken up to snow each morning for almost two weeks, spring is on its way. 

When I saw how high the grass has grown in the last week, I knew the day was coming where Bob wouldn't be able spend his entire day out in the pasture grazing to his heart's content much longer.

It's the big talk up here every spring.  Everybody reminds everybody else to keep your horses off of the emerald green fields.  The grass is too rich and many a horse has met their fate from gorging on it.

Sigh...The day has arrived.  When I was out for my morning walk with Hank this morning I hated the thought, but knew it was time to change Bob's routine.  I might be able to wait another week or two, but I'm not taking any chances in risking Bob's health.

Today Bob's big world became restricted.

Bob settles down for a nap in the paddock. 

The paddock has great drainage - I use it for riding and have been putting Bob in there each night for the past few months.  He has access to the double stall off the back of the barn.  He can get out of the weather and eat in a dry environment and has enough room to run around if he so chooses.

But it seems all Bob wants to do is snooze in the sun.

In the coming days we'll pull out the temporary fencing and make Bob a spot to go to during the day so he can graze a little and have a change of scenery.  With the better weather (hopefully coming soon) and longer days, we'll be able to ride more often and I'll also be hauling him up to "the barn" for lessons and "social cow events".

But for now the days of letting my horse out in the field to graze all day are on hold.

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  1. That grass sure is pretty. Green is my favorite color. The grass is just beginning to emerge here; still a lot of brown out there. I've taken Misty and SaraJane off the pasture too. They are confined to their dry lot and can only nibble on the little bits of grass that grown under the fence line. Bob sure looks like he really enjoys a good nap.