Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"The Plan"

I took this picture yesterday from inside my office.  Things are going well here in our one-horse home.  Bob has settled down nicely.  He's become very focused on me; indeed our bond has become stronger.  When I'm in the pasture he follows me around like a dog.  Sometimes we just stand together in silence and talk.  He likes to hang around my office when I'm in there working.

Sometimes he naps...

In my efforts to "fix" our relationship a few months ago, I still halter Bob each morning and lead him to one of our pastures where he grazes for a period, which will be cut short as the rich, spring grass arrives.

I restrict Bob to the riding paddock at night where he has access to his loafing shed.  This is where Bob has spent his nights for the last few months and he is comfortable here.

This area can be viewed from our bedroom window across the barnyard.  I love to wake up each morning to see Bob at the gate waiting for me.  I always open the window to wish him a Good Morning before getting dressed and heading out to see him.

What I describe above is a special time for Bob and I.  However, it also describes a lonely horse...and the fact is...I'm not a horse.

Enter "The Plan".  That's what my husband and I have been calling our future with horses since we lost Poco in early December.

The Plan IS to get another horse.  In conversations I've told my husband I'd like a horse that has some background in showing.  I'd like to do some more shows as well as attempt Western Dressage while continuing to sort on Bob.

I know what I want and it's a horse like this guy.  His name was Want My Autograph (Champ).  He was our daughter's horse who I inherited when she headed off to college.  In order to ride him I had to take lessons to LEARN how to ride.  This horse is responsible for the start of my Blog, "50+ Horses" on September 10, 2009.

Champ was NOT an easy horse to ride.  He had an attitude and indeed I write about how he ran me until I learned about ground work.  Then I ran him and life was very good until we suddenly lost him in June 2010.

I can't replace what I lost but I'd like another Paint.  A horse with a smooth Western Jog, so smooth I could drink tea riding him at that gait.  A horse large enough that my 6'8" husband can ride.  A horse that can be used for many functions be it trail riding, showing, and most of all..fun. 

A horse that has...bling.

Yes, that's what I want in my second horse.  And in our fiscal world a horse like that will not come immediately.  So we will save and we will wait and when the time comes that is what we will purchase.

Now back to Bob.  I struggle with this decision and as I write this I don't guarantee it will all play out because "Plans" are not written in cement.

"The Plan" is to move Bob up to the barn for the summer.  This is where I used to board Champ and Poco.  It's the barn where Bob and I go each week to take lessons.  This allows me to go up and ride whenever I want vs hauling.  It gives our pastures at home a chance to rest.

Why that barn?  Because they have gigantic stalls and huge pastures where the horses are turned out each day.  Because I know the horses are treated and fed well.  Because my Frainer (friend and trainer) is there and will provide oversight for Bob.  Because I know Bob will be happy there, with other horses around him.

Sigh...looking out my window each morning and not seeing Bob to greet me is going to be tough.  So I struggle.  But the good thing about "Plans" is that sometimes they find their own endings.  And I'm thinking that this one will do just that.


  1. I have heard that some horses are okay with having a goat friend...


  2. The best laid plans...well....I so hope that yours work out. Bob does look lonely, but it is a good time for you and him. Don't tell Libby about the nice Barn Bob will be vacationing in! She will get jeolous! HAHA...Sounds like that would be very nice for Bob since he has not mate right now. WIshed there was a barn around my area, because I would use it. I do not like to haul Libby to go ride.

  3. I'm going through similar feelings and ideas lately. I want to ride my own horse more often, and give our pastures a rest, and I can do that if I board. My horse is also alone, although she has llamas and goats as her room mates, and shares a fence line with my neighbors 4 horses and 3 alpacas. Being in a herd would be even better for her though. But, like you I will miss being able to just look outside and see my mare, or be able to walk outside and get some horse hugs and snuggles whenever I want. The placed I'm considering boarding is an hour and half away.