Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice Storm, Day 3: Getting Creative with What You Have

When it gets to the third day without power one gets creative:

My current kitchen.  Even has chairs for guests!

We call these "the twins".  They've given us power for a few lights, fridge and freezer, the TV and internet.  A larger generator, which we call "Big Wally", has been set up to run the pump for our Well, but only on a periodic basis.

We use an open window in the family room to feed power into the house from "the Twins", sealing the crack in the window with Duct Tape (of course)!

Electrical cords running into the family room from the window.  This is how we have kept warm.  Initially it's hard to keep remembering to bring in wood or add it to the stove.  But as the days progress it becomes second nature. 

The snapping of trees put all of our animals on edge and phone calls from neighbors reflect frightened "stray" animals showing up on doorsteps.  Hank has barely left my side for the last three days.  Gus and Bob have been safe inside their stalls.

The cords from "the Twins" run into the kitchen where they connect to the fridge and a lamp from the living room which provides light at night.

This is the end of the road for the power cords from "the Twins", arriving in the dining room, where I've set up my laptop.  I actually worked here Thursday, completing a short notice project while trees snapped around us.  Note Hank the Dog under the table, sticking close to me.

As I finish this Post I can hear the generators and chain saws outside.  Neighbors are lending a hand to fellow neighbors, including my husband, out there helping move tree limbs off our road.  That's the way of it up here, you hunker down until the danger is past, then go out and help each other. 

There is word of a "sighting", which means a power truck has been spotted in our area.  Word passes from farm to farm. 

Hopes rise that help is near.  Maybe if we're lucky, tonight we can take a shower, do laundry, cook in our (real) kitchen and listen to the lovely sound of the furnace heating the entire house.  If not, that's ok - we'll get by just fine.


  1. Its amazing what us country folk can do in a crisis like this ! We had a bad ice storm 4 years ago and it was brutal. This is one reason I opped for gas heating , gas stove and gas water heater , here gas is cheaper then hydro ! We used to be campers so we still have some of our camping eqipment , propane lanterns, hurican lanters , wind up lanters etc they really come in handy in power outages! Hope your power gets restored soon ! Have a wonderful day !

    1. New reader - love this blog! I'm sure to be a faithful follower of your very good writing, super pics, and appealing subject matter. I've added you to my blogroll so I can keep tabs on 50+ Horses.

      I'm a horsewoman also, though I don't write much about my personal life on my blog, it's more a place for me to unload so I can be pleasant & upbeat in person -- but please feel welcome to stop by Venom, Secrets, & Lies anytime!

  2. I guess I didn't hear... Did you ever get your new refrigerator? Is it battery powered?


  3. When we had a serious ice storm years ago it got pretty wild for country folk, having to chain up generators so that they wouldn't get stolen and the like. I sure hope things get back to normal for you soon!

    To bring some sunshine to your day I have an award for you at my blog.

  4. WOW~ We would be like this too, except we only have ONE generator. I would most likely move my frig items to the outdoors! LOL We are lucky in that the ice here did not stick to the trees, and we did not loose power. I hope your power comes on very soon!

  5. I'd say you are coming through this crisis in fine shape; very fortunate for your camping gear, BBQ, gas appliances and wood heat source. That's how we handle power outages, too. We heat mostly with wood, anyway, so totally understand your comment on remembering to 'bring the wood in'. We bring in a LOT every 3rd day; great way to stay in shape!

  6. Got the new fridge a few days before the storm. It is WONDERFUL! Not battery operated but rolls out and plugs in nicely to a gorgeous orange power cord! :)

  7. I remember days like that. We didn't have a generator though so we were stuck sitting around with nothing to do. Luckily our freezer was outside so the ice and snow kept things from ruining. We used a gas stove for cooking, oil lamps for light and a wood stove for heat (which we used every year because we didn't/don't have central heat and air). I remember sitting around the living room and I was staring at the ceiling fan and it started moving. We were so excited after being bored for three days lol!! I'm glad everyone is okay. I hope the damage isn't too extensive.

  8. thanks for sharing.