Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Special Place

I've spent a lot of time at home due to the challenging weather.  Our road resembled water that had been poured over ice cubes and then re-frozen resulting in many a car meeting their fate.  Not being a fan of driving in snow and ice, I decided staying home would be best until all the "hoop-laa" died down. 

I had no idea that it would take 7 days for things to clear up.  I don't think I've ever remained grounded in one place for that long (unless I was sick).  I would have surely had cabin fever if I didn't have My Special Place to turn to.  And where was that?

The tack room in my barn.

Retiring from my professional career two years ago to work part time for a technical consulting company was a once in a life-time opportunity.  But I'd need an office to work out of.

The tack room in the barn had heat so it was a logical choice. 

But to me it was the only choice.  After working in a large office building for 30+ years, the idea of taking my dog to work with me and being surrounded by the wonderful smells and sights of horse gear was absolutely the coolest!

To be able to walk out my "office" door and into the barn, steps away from placing my hands on a horse was an amazing thought!

Every piece of tack has a special memory associated with a horse from the past or the present.  It also represents horses of our future; including the horse we will purchase to replace our dear, sweet Poco.

The view from my office window looks out on my riding area, the trailer and distant fields.

I even get visitors! 

There's something about coming out here that thrills me each time I walk in the door.  I always return to the house feeling refreshed and happy after spending time in My Special Place.


  1. A perfect place to be I say ! I could smell all the tack as I read this post SNIFF MMMMM ! What a great office that would be ! Hope you stay warm and safe and have a good day !

  2. Don't you love being able to live the dream?

  3. What a perfect special place!! I love it!

  4. How wonderful to have your special place. Someday, I will have an office in my tack room too...first I suppose I should have a barn? :))