Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ice Storm, Day 4: Power and Clean Up

The snow, which then turned to ice on Thursday still looked like hard frosting in the yard and pasture yesterday.

The power "people" are having a hard time trying to repair broken lines with ice still on the ground.  BUT last night around 10PM I looked out the front window and instead of pitch black, I saw some lights in the distance!  We checked and indeed, we had power!  However, as I write this Post, the people behind us don't have power, nor do many of the (entire) towns in our area.

Our driveway was covered with limbs and branches.  We spent most of today trying to clean it up.  This is where I like to throw the ball for Hank.  He loves to fly down the hill after the ball.

But there are pieces of branches that have been impaled into the ground, some are 6 - 8" down and hard to pull out.  Until I'm sure they are all removed, there can't be any ball throwing in this area.

It seems like every branch has a sharpness to it.

Looking down our drive and the results of our efforts to clean today.

Looking up the drive and the work still left to do.

The paddock where I ride... 

Lots of work to do before I can ride in there...

We will try to save what we can of this plum tree.  It provides such great morning shade in the summer.

Just as this tree has provided such great shade on summer afternoons...

As I have been writing this Post my husband has been making sure that all the tools we used in the last 4 days are ready to go again at a moment's notice.  The weather forecast tonight is for 50 mph winds with another storm coming in on Tuesday with even higher winds.  With so many broken branches hanging in trees (some of them are huge), we could very likely lose our power once more.  Not sure we're finished with our weather challenges.


  1. I've been through a big ice storm too. I know how traumatic it can be. We lost 20+ trees in our yard when we lived in town and were out of power and water for 6 days. Our prayers are with you. Also, thanks for the award, it's my first.

  2. That sucks about your trees. That's some pretty extensive damage but hopefully they can come back from it.